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Our Mission

ErrlKing Concentrates wants to change the way the world views concentrates with our responsible, health conscious, quality made products. We work alongside our network of growers to ensure our extracts are made with the best material, and are harvested and handled at the peak time for an optimal result. Through education we will dissolve the veil of mystery around extracts, while continuously looking for new avenues to improve our product.


In general, the process for creating hydrocarbon-based cannabis oil can be done with either open loop or closed loop extraction equipment.  Carbon dioxide is used for producing both extracts and concentrates. When used to make extracts, it's called supercritical CO2 extraction. 

Similar to other advanced biotherapy developers, our manufacturing processes rely on pharmaceutical-grade equipment. We’re proud to use American-made equipment in all our locations. We use only the purest solvents and we implement controls to eliminate any contamination or harmful exposure in work areas.


We are continually striving to create a superior product.  Through our experience, we have developed Best Practices for creating cannabis concentrates.  We're educated in biology and chemistry, and come from varied backgrounds.  We've seen the good times and we've seen the bad, and through that experience, we've developed techniques that make ErrlKing products stand above the rest.

We don't take our responsibility lightly, and we've seen a lot of bad product in our day.  Our commitment to you is to constantly educate ourselves on better ways to do what we're doing, and to reach for new heights with the experience we bring to the table.

Who We Are




Jesse is the guy who does the thing.  He does lots of things.  He likes to do things. 


In his spare time he does other things.  There are also things he doesn't do - like not doing things.  Jesse does not not do things. 


He does the thing.





NARC. Metrc compliance and testing officer. 


Don't cross this dude. 


You'll ask him a question and he'll straight-up look you directly in the eyes without speaking, and you'll just -know- the answer.

Or maybe DO cross him, because that sounds like a pretty cool thing to experience, right?





Alchemist and Lab Rat.


Nick's always willing to give a wholeheartedly sincere "AW SWEET, DUDE" if you've got good or exciting news, and always willing to listen to a story if you've got the time to tell it.




Creative Director, Packaging Designer, Brand Manager, Web Designer, Merch Manager & Designer, Marketing Consultant.

The Heck comes up with most of the product names and packaging designs, as well as designing all of the merchandise at  and they feel really awkward using third-person for this bio.


Our vision is to bring cannabis to the 21st century through high quality craft cannabis operations. Every inch of this brand new state of the art facility was designed to develop new technologies and launch brands to the Michigan cannabis market. 

We work with local farmers who use best practices to produce concentrates, extracts and edibles, as well as support a number of brands who call Waypoint Processing home.


We utilize third party, peer-reviewed standard operating procedures and safety measures. Our commitment to safety exceeds industry standards, using NRTL certified equipment. We support full Class 1 and Division 1 construction for the safest working environments. And all our lab directors are OSHA HAZMAT Certified.

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