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ErrlKing is more than just a Cannabis brand.  ErrlKing is a lifestyle, rooted in new experiences, that can ultimately lead to a more satisfied life.  Studies have shown that satisfaction is positively related to novel experiences, and hopeful anticipation of the next novel experience.  With that in mind, we've created hundreds of products with a wide variety of designs, for you to show your love of ErrlKing Concentrates in a variety of ways that fit your lifestyle!  So strap in, buckle up, and check out all the new stuff we've got available for you at  We've got links to a few of our favorite items below!


This particular shirt is a favorite of the designer who did all the stuff in this store.  Super simple, super soft, super slick vaporwave logo.  We've got a whole collection of items with different varations on this design!

We designed a pizza box.  Then we adapted it to a couple of our clamshell packages.  Then we adapted that to this merch.   


The packaging hasn't hit the market yet, so owning this stuff might make you look like a prophet or a time traveler!

Does your dispensary or provisioning center need some relevant artwork?  Are you such a huge fan of ErrlKing that you want ErrlKing themed artwork in your home or office space?

Look no further!

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