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Party Marty is an LGBTQ+ focused party marijuana brand, hosted by Party Marty himself.   Products include Party Marty Stix (Pre-Rolled Joints & "Imbued*" Joints), Party Marty Party Carts (Concentrate Vape Cartridges), and NOW Party Marty THC Party Poppers (a sweet, crispy, fruit-flavored orb of THC and pure pleasure).  Check it out wherever ErrlKing products are sold!

Party Marty Stix

Pre-rolled Joints and Imbued* Joints

*Imbue: to inspire or permeate with.

Party Marty's pre-rolled joints are ALL imbued with a passion to be yourself.  Some are just  imbued with marijuana concentrate as well!

So whether your pre-roll has a little extra party in it or not, Party Marty Stix keep the party rollin'.


Party Marty party carts

Beach Party and After Party

Available in various strains, curated by Party Marty.

Party Marty's Party Carts are 1g vape carts of premium concentrate, specially formulated for the daytime party (Beach Party) and a chilled-out, relaxed evening and night (After Party).

So whether it's day or night, you're at the Beach Party or the After Party, Party Marty Party Carts keep the party partyin'.


Party Marty thc party poppers

50mg, 100mg, and 200mg

Party Marty THC Party Poppers have been specially designed for flavor and crispness, and to deliver a nice dose of THC with each piece.

So whether you want a little or you want it all, Party Marty Party Poppers keep the party poppin'.

Contact Party Marty

Thanks! We'll be in touch soon!

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