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ErrlKing Concentrates Introduces Krauter’s Crunchers - THC Infused Gummy Bars

ErrlKing Concentrates out of SouthWest, MI releases Krauter’s Crunchers 25-mg and 200-mg edibles.

ErrlKing is a collective of caregivers who came into the recreational market in 2020. They work alongside a network of growers to ensure their extracts are made with the best material, good biomass, and are harvested, handled, and extracted at the peak time for an optimal result.

We’ve all had those days when the normal 100mg Purple Punch Gummy just doesn’t do the trick. ErrlKing is now introducing an edible fit for royalty. Krauter’s Cruncher is a 200-mg gummy developed to quench your sweet tooth, while taking you to a higher level. The 200-mg Live Resin, infused Gummies will launch into all of Michigan, Oct 31st with a special drop at all Lume Locations Oct. 15th. Our live-resin infusion allows for a euphoric effect, along with higher absorption, maximized bioavailability, resulting in more potent therapeutic effects at much lower doses. Krauter’s Crunchers also come in a 25-mg serving when choosing to stay on a royal plane.

Krauter’s Crunchers are a one square, hard candy coated gummy available in four flavors per dosage. 200-mg bars are available in Pineapple, Grape, Mango, and Green Apple and 25-mg bars are available in Green Apple, Cherry, Blue Raspberry and Mango.

Dispensaries can purchase through LeafTrade under Waypoint Processing Michigan. Consumers ask your favorite budtenders!

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